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Colette Bowe and Martin Harris Room

The Colette Bowe and Martin Harris Rooms represent premium space and use is safeguarded only for the purpose of high-level, formal and often strategic meetings and events involving, in most instances, participants external to the College, including:

  1. Meetings of Council, Senate and their formal sub-Committees.
  2. Strategic meetings, normally involving stakeholders from external organisations and bodies and one or more members of QMSE.
  3. Interview Panels for senior QMUL appointments.
  4. Internal Programme Review Panel Meetings, and other formal Panels including those related to Discipline, Examination Offences and Panels convened by Human Resources involving external members of Council.
  5. Special Events related to graduation ceremonies and Professorial inauguration, organised by the Events Office.

It is at the discretion of Council Secretariat to cancel bookings in the event that a meeting of Council or one of its Committees needs to convene at short notice, or another meeting or event deemed of greater importance to College business requires the space, at the time at which it has been booked. The decision of the Council Secretariat Team to interpret the criteria and authorise use of the Colette Bowe Room and Martin Harris Room is final.

Booking Charge

Council Secretariat covers the cost of annual cleaning of the carpet, curtains and upholstery for the Colette Bowe Room. 

All internal bookings are subject to a flat hourly rate of £50 per hour booking fee and external bookings to a flat hourly rate of £75 per hour, rounded up to the nearest hour in all instances.  Please provide your departmental budget code when confirming the booking.

The charge applies solely for use of the Colette Bowe Room and Martin Harris Room at the same time. It is not possible to book just one room for a reduced rate, as occupancy of either room would prohibit another event from taking place in the room not being occupied.  

All costs associated with hiring of equipment, porterage and catering, etc are the responsibility of the relevant budget centre.

The consumption of food and drink in the Colette Bowe Room, other than light refreshments, is prohibited. The Martin Harris Room should be used for this purpose.

Requests are made through the Governance Administrator: 

Please see the Booking and Usage Policy [PDF 131KB] for:

  • Responsibilities of users
  • Equipment in the Colette Bowe and Martin Harris Rooms
  • Room Capacity
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