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Part 1: Preliminary ItemsPapers 
1. Welcome and apologies  

2. Meeting of 02 October 2017

Non-confidential minutes

Confidential minutes

Executive summary

ARC2017-14 [PDF 55KB]
3. Matters arising ARC2017/15
Part 2: External Audit  
4. Audited Financial Statements 2016-17 ARC2017/16
5. External Audit Opinion on Financial Statements 2016-17 and Management Representation Letter ARC2017/17
Part 3: Statutory and Regulatory Compliance  
6. Annual report on data quality and returns to HEFCE, HESA and the SLC Presentation 
7. Value for Money annual report ARC2017-18 [PDF 838KB]
8. Annual report on Prevent duty ARC2017-19 [PDF 1,317KB]
Part 4: Financial Control  
9. Fraud/financial irregularities occurring since the last meeting Oral report
Part 5: Risk Management  
10. Whistleblowing cases since the last meeting  Oral report
Part 6: Committee Management and Reporting  
11. Audit and Risk Committee Annual Report 2016-17 Draft 2 ARC2017-20 [PDF 137KB]
12. Committee effectiveness report ARC2017-21 [PDF 26KB]
13. *Draft agenda for the next meeting ARC2017-22 [PDF 156KB]
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