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Finance and Investment Committee 02 February 2017

 Part 1: Preliminary items  Paper
 1. Welcome and apologies  Oral report
 2. Meeting of  13 December 2016    
    Non-confidential minutes
    Confidential minutes
    Executive summary
 FIC2016-35 [PDF 239KB]
 3. Matters arising  FIC2016-36
 Part 2: Financial performance  
 4. Current financial position - period 5  FIC2016-37
 5. Financial capital report  FIC2016-38
 6. QMSU Financial Statements 2015-16  FIC2016-39 [PDF 708KB]
 7. Financial Performance of Transnational Education (TNE) in 2015-16  FIC2016-40 [PDF 311KB]
 Part 3: Financial policy and strategy  
 8. Renewal of borrowing facility  FIC2016-41
 9. 2017-18 Budget principles and approach  FIC2016-42
 Part 4: Capital Projects and Estates  
 10. Life sciences  Oral report
 11. Estates Strategy Board:
      - Reports of meetings held October 2016 to December 2016
 12. Carbon management plan  FIC2016-44
 13. Update on Residences  FIC2016-45
 Part 5: Other matters for report  
 14. Draft agenda for next meeting  FIC2016-46 [PDF 132KB]
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