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Finance and Investment Committee 27 September 2016

 Part 1: Preliminary items  Paper
 1. Welcome and apologies  Oral report
 2. Meeting of  07 June 2016    
    Non-confidential minutes
    Confidential minutes
    Executive summary
 FIC2016-01 [PDF 918KB]
 3. Meeting of  14 July 2016    
     Confidential minutes
 4. Matters arising  FIC2016-03
 Part 2: Treasury management and investment  
 5. Investment Managers sub-group report  FIC2016-04
 Part 3: Financial performance  
 6. First draft outturn for 2015-16 (pre-FRS102 format) in management accounts  FIC2016-05
 7. Financial capital report   FIC2016-06
 8. Update of the external audit of FRS102 restated opening balance sheet at 31st July 2014 & restated 14-15 financial statements  Oral report
 9. Transnational Education activities:
    - Representation of costs
    - Foreign exchange strategy
FIC2016-07 [PDF 320KB]Oral report
 10. Student recruitment update  Oral report
 Part 4: Financial policy and strategy  
 11. Accounting for pension liabilities  FIC2016-08 [PDF 166KB]
 12. Review of long-term cash target  FIC2016-09
 13. Monitoring the underlying operating financial performance post FRS102  FIC2016-10 [PDF 151KB]
 14. Borrowing strategy  FIC2016-11
 15. Overview of PAR process  FIC2016-12
 16. A new approach to reviewing Faculty financial performance  Presentation
 17. Tuition fees regulations  FIC2016-13 [PDF 101KB]
 Part 5: Capital projects and estates  
 18. Life Sciences update  Oral report
 19. Estates Strategy Board report
      - Report of meetings held May, June and July 2016
     - Chairing estates project boards
 Part 6: Matters for report  
 20. Annual summary 2015-16: bad debt write-offs  FIC2016-15
 21. *Draft agenda for the next meeting  FIC2016-16 [PDF 136KB]
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