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 1. Welcome and apologies   N/A

 2. 29 May 2019 meeting


Actions and matters arising 

 RP21-01 [PDF 303KB] 

 RP21-02 [PDF 495KB]

 3. Declarations of interest  N/A
 4. MoA Review Panel Terms of reference   RP21-03 [PDF 712KB]
 5. BLSA Charity  Oral report
 6. Democracy review update  Oral report 
 7. Report on current QMSU issues  Oral report
 8. Report from the QMSU CEO  RP21-04 [PDF 250KB]
 9. Annual QMSU internal audit plan  Oral report
 10. Review of revised SLAs and other agreed arrangements   RP21-05 [PDF 209KB]
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