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Column 1 Papers 
 1. Welcome and apologies   N/A

 2. 25 September 2019 meeting:

  • Minutes
  • Actions and matters arising

 RP22-01 [PDF 1,506KB] 

 RP22-02 [PDF 1,028KB]

 3. Declarations of interest  N/A
 4. BLSA Charity  Oral report 
 5. Democracy review update  RP22-03 [PDF 1,878KB]
 6. Report on current QMSU issues   Oral report
 7. Report from the QMSU CEO   RP22-04 [PDF 1,605KB]
 8. Student space at Charterhouse Square   Oral report
 9. Annual QMSU internal audit plan update   Oral report
 10. Review of revised SLAs and other agreed arrangements   Oral report
 11. QMSU Block Grant letter 2019/20  RP22-05 [PDF 2,134KB]
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