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Mr Ahmed Mahbub


Queen Mary Students' Union President 2018-19


Ahmed Mahbub is a graduate of the School of Engineering and Material Sciences at Queen Mary. He is President of Queen Mary Students' Union in 2018-19, having served as Vice-President Welfare in 2017-2018.

As a student, Ahmed was involved in a range of different societies, most notably serving as President of the Bangladesh Society and founding the Rise for Rohingya Society. He also led on Asian Heritage Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the diverse Asian cultures within Queen Mary; Islamophobia Awareness Month, a month dedicated to shedding light on the covert Islamophobia that occurs in day to day life; and supported the foundation of the International Society, which provides a voice and safe space for International Students.

During his time as VP for Welfare, Ahmed Ahmed secured some noteworthy achievements, including securing a further £20,000 for low-income students at Queen Mary to cover the cost of their cap and gown during graduation.

Currently, Ahmed sits on the Ethical Engagement Board for the National Union of Students as a Director; as an elected representative of the Society and Citizenship Zone of the National Union of Students; and as the Treasurer for the Hornsey and Wood Green Young Labour.

He is a keen campaigner for mental health, bringing the focus on BME mental health for the first time at Queen Mary, hosting panels which discussed the stigma surrounding BME mental health and encouraging more students to break the stigma.



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