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Professor Bill Spence


Nominated Member of Council


Bill Spence is the Vice-Principal (Research) at QMUL. Bill took his degree in Theoretical Physics at the Australian National University and his PhD at King's College London in 1985. After postdoctoral posts at the University of Southampton, Queen Mary and Imperial College London, he held a Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship at the University of Melbourne and an EPSRC Advanced Fellowship at Queen Mary. He was the first Director of the Centre for Research in String Theory, which grew rapidly in size and prominence during 2003-2009. He was then Head of Physics and Astronomy during 2009-2012, overseeing a period of major expansion.

Bill's research interests are in M-theory and string theory and their applications - most recently those originally inspired by twistor string theory. This research area has unearthed powerful new approaches to quantum field theory, gravity and string theory, ranging from twistor space formulations to novel techniques for calculating scattering amplitudes relevant to the Large Hadron Collider.


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