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Honorary Awards

Nominations for awards in 2018-19

Nominations are being invited for Honorary Degrees and Fellowships of Queen Mary, and for the Queen Mary Medal to be presented during 2018–19. 

Honorary awards are an opportunity to celebrate existing, and to develop new relationships with notable individuals in the local community, nationally and internationally.

All staff, students and alumni of Queen Mary are encouraged to submit a nomination. Please read the criteria and eligibility requirements for the awards before submitting a nomination form. 

It is expected that those who receive honorary degrees and fellowships should exemplify, in some way, Queen Mary’s values.

A demonstrable personal connection to Queen Mary and/or its local communities is encouraged, however, nominations will be considered where there is potential to build a valuable relationship.

Types of Awards

An honorary degree is one of higher education's most significant accolades. An honorary degree of QMUL is normally conferred on a person of conspicuous merit, who is outstanding in their field, commands international or at least national recognition, or who has given exceptional service to QMUL. An honorary degree will not be conferred on a person who has already been awarded an honorary degree of the University of London or QMUL, on a serving Chairman of the governing body of a College, or on a person currently employed by QMUL.

Fellowships of QMUL are conferred on persons of distinction or persons who have, in the opinion of Council and Senate, rendered significant service to QMUL or to the community, or with a demonstrable connection or affiliation to QMUL. A Fellowship will not be conferred on a person currently employed by QMUL or member of Council.

A Queen Mary Staff Medal may be awarded on or following retirement to any employee of QMUL who, in the opinion of Council has made an exceptional, sustained contribution to QMUL. For this purpose, Council will judge an exceptional and sustained contribution as being more than long service alone, and will look for performance and commitment beyond the normal requirements of the post held by the individual concerned.

Nomination Process

Please read the guidance and eligibility criteria prior to submitting a nomination form.

Nomination forms are available to download below and should be returned to the Council Secretariat by 15 October 2018


A list of previous recipients of Honorary Degrees and Fellowships is available here:

Information about the Honorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee can be found here.

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