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Annual Programme Review

Annual Programme Review (APR) is central to QMUL’s assurance of the academic standards of its provision, with the aim of enhancing the student learning experience at its core.  APR is a continuous process of reflection and action planning which is owned by those responsible for programme delivery. Further information about Annual Programme Review is available in the guidance document:

Annual Programme Review Guidance 2017/18 (review of 2016/17 academic year) [PDF 463KB]

Internal programme review template/coversheet (review of 2016/17) [DOC 50KB]

Internal programme review guidance for completion (review of 2016/17) [PDF 229KB]


Taught Programmes Action Plan

The main document of reference for this process is the Taught Programmes Action Plan (TPAP) which is the summary of the school/institute's work throughout the year to monitor academic standards and to improve the student experience.  The TPAP is monitored at both Faculty and institutional level and reviewed annually. 

The TPAP has superseded all other teaching and learning action plans (eg NSS) hence it should include actions from any source that relate to teaching and learning.  The TPAP is produced by a web application and can be updated throughout the year as necessary. Despite the organic nature of the TPAP there is an annual cycle for APR that culminates in a yearly meeting between the School / Institute and the Faculty Dean for Taught Programmes.

Instructions for completing the plan can be found in the document below:

Taught Programmes Action Plan guidance notes [PDF 1,090KB]


The TPAP is an internal monitoring tool for School / Institute staff and students to reflect on and evaluate their taught provision. Staff requiring access to their School TPAP should do so through the School / Institute Director of Taught Programmes. The Students' Union will liaise with ARCS to give student representatives access. Users can logon to the TPAP:

Should you require any further information or advice with regards to any matter relating to the Annual Programme Review process, please contact Emma Rabin (Assistant Academic Registrar - Student Experience).


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