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Faculty Approval

 Partnerships Board has delegated authority to faculties to approve the following list of activities only:

  • Faculty to faculty memoranda of understanding
  • Progression Agreements
  • Articulation Agreements
  • Student Exchanges
  • Erasmus + Exchanges
  • Medical Elective Agreements
  • Staff Mobility / Exchanges
  • Faculty specific Study Abroad Agreements

The Faculty approvals process is shown here: 

Faculty approval collaborative activity approval flowchart [PDF 212KB].

If necessary, the Faculty may refer the proposal to Partnerships Board for consideration. 


Before completing any paperwork, it is advisable to check whether Queen Mary has any existing agreements with the proposed partner. For international partners, there is a database on the International Partnerships Team webpages which can be found here.

The following form should be used for all proposals for Faculty approval for the activities listed above. Please complete all of the relevant sections. Proposers should also ensure they sign the form to confirm they have no conflicts of interest when making the proposal.

Faculty approval collaborative proposal form [DOC 37KB]

Please ensure  all the required sections are completed with comprehensive information to ensure the Faculty has the information it needs to reach a decision.

In completing the proposal form, proposers must also review the risk framework below. This shows some of the key risks identified for the type of activity that may need to be considered as well as possible mitigations or where escalation to Partnerships Board is required.

Faculty approval collaborative activity risk framework [PDF 608KB]

It is important that the risk framework is reviewed each time a proposal is made as the risk may change according to the partner or activity. 

Once the form has been completed it should be submitted to the Faculty Contact as follows:

HSS Professor Ioannis Kokkoris
S&E Professor Teresa Alonso-Rasgado
SMD Professor Irene Leigh and Philip Gill

The proposal will then be considered by the Faculty who will communicate the decision to the proposer.

Once Faculty approval has been received, an agreement can be signed with the partner. However, Articulation Agreements will need to be considered by Taught Programmes Board for Part 2 approval before any documents are signed. 

At the end of each year, the Faculty will provide a list of the proposals that it has considered and the outcomes to Partnerships Board for review.







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