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Review and Renewal of existing Agreements

During the academic year prior to the expiry of a collaborative agreement, there will be a review of the collaborative arrangement that will lead to a decision on whether to re-approve the arrangement for a further term, or to withdraw from the provision.  The ARCS will contact the QMUL Academic Lead for the collaboration to initiate the review process. ARCS will coordinate a meeting of key stakeholders to decide on the process for renewal, which will consider such things as a review of the programme(s), an updated due diligence report and a   visit to the partner institution (where appropriate).

The academic co-ordinator of the collaborative arrangement will complete a Template for Review of Activity one year before the Memorandum of Understanding and related agreements are due to expire. For articulation agreements, a new mapping of the partner’s programme to the corresponding QMUL programme must be submitted to Taught Programmes Board. 

The renewal will be submitted to PB for approval and should be agreed by the Faculty VP. 

Following the review, decisions reached on renewal, extension or termination of the agreement should be communicated promptly to the partner institution. This will be particularly important in the case of termination, given the formal period of notice required.

Renewal of Agreements [DOC 41KB]


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