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Register for Collaborative Provision

Register of Collaborative Provision

The Register of Collaborative Provision is an up-to-date and authoritative record of QMUL’s collaborative partnerships, and a listing of the collaborative programmes operating through those partnerships that lead to a QMUL award. 

 The information published on the Register includes: 

  • The type of collaborative activity;
  • The name of the partner institution;
  • Outline details of the collaborative programme;
  • Lead school. 

Schools/institutes at QMUL are required to notify the Academic Secretariat of any change, or intended change, to the details held on the QMUL Register of Collaborative Provision at the earliest possible opportunity. The QMUL Register of Collaborative Provision (RCP) is updated following the approval and signature of the written agreement. 

 Register of Collaborative Provision [PDF 309KB]

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