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External examiners: information for staff

This page provides information and guidance to staff about the external examiner System at Queen Mary. External examiners and external members have their own page from which to view and download guidance, regulations and templates, which can be accessed here.

External examiners form an integral part of the quality assurance and enhancement processes at Queen Mary.  The purpose of the external examiner system is:

  • to ensure that QMUL’s degrees are comparable in standard to those awarded by other UK universities;
  • to ensure fairness and consistency in assessment procedures and student classification;
  • to scrutinise the effectiveness and appropriateness of the assessment system; and
  • to assure the wider community of the standard of Queen Mary's degrees, and of the fairness of its assessment procedures

Overview of the external examiner system at Queen Mary

The Appointment, Briefing and Role of External Examiners and Members [PDF 572KB]  

Procedures for the appointment of external examiners and external members

Please email completed forms to Alice de Havillan, Academic Quality and Standards Officer. Nomination forms must be accompanied by a CV, of no more than two pages. External examiners appointments run from 1st September to 31st December 4 years later.

External examiners are normally appointed for four years.  In exceptional circumstances and further fifth year extension may be possible.  The extension request form below, requires SEBs to provide justification for these exceptional cases.

External Examiner Criteria for Appointment [PDF 294KB] (from the UK Quality Code for HE, Chapter B7 ) 

External Examiner Nomination Form [PDF 1,555KB]

External examiner Extension form [PDF 1,111KB] - for exceptional fifth year extensions only.

Please note: Interactive Forms cannot be previewed in browser. If you have difficulty when clicking on the form link, please disable the Adobe Reader in-browser plugin and try again. For details of how to disable the plugin, see In-browser plug in guide [PDF 145KB]

External examiner fee payment forms for Schools

Please email the completed fee form to Alice de Havillan, Academic Quality and Standards Officer. ARCS will then add in necessary details such as the personal details form, make records of the payment, and pass the completed papers to Human Resources for payment.

Fee calculation charts:

Should you require any further information or advice with regards to any matter relating to External Examiners, please contact Alice de Havillan, Academic Quality and Standards Officer.

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