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Periodic review

Periodic Review normally happens on a six year cycle, and is an opportunity to evaluate a school's institute's provision in some depth. A review panel will consider if the school's / institute’s quality procedures are working efficiently and effectively together with those of QMUL’s quality framework in order to assure and enhance the quality of teaching and learning, to safeguard academic standards and to enhance the student learning experience. A Periodic review will normally take place over one day, with a panel that will include external reviewers who are normally senior academics who are not members of QMUL's staff and have expertise in the discipline/subject area under review.

The aims of Periodic Review are:

  • to assess the effectiveness of a school's / institute's processes for managing academic quality and standards, and that QMUL’s agreed policies and procedures are operating as intended to assure and enhance the standard of provision;
  • to consider how a school/institute is developing and implementing its Student Experience, Learning, Teaching and Assessment strategy, and how QMUL’s Statement of Graduate Attributes is reflected in the curriculum;
  • to evaluate the currency of a school or institute’s programmes in the context of developments in the discipline, and its success in achieving its aims, and to consider its future plans;
  • to review all partnership, or partner supported delivery;
  • to commend and disseminate good practice;
  • to provide public information on the quality and standards of the school/institute.

The schedule of periodic review is normally based on a six year cycle. The schedule is determined by the Vice-Principal (Education) in consultation with the Heads of Schools and Institutes, and taking into account visits by professional and statutory bodies where possible. The approved schedules are as follows:


Guidance for Schools / Subject Areas


Should you require any further information or advice with regards to any matter relating to the Periodic review process, please contact Katherine Bevan.  

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