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Programme Specifications - Law Archive


September 2016 Entry

BA Law and Politics (ML12) [PDF 106KB] 

LLB English and European Law (M120) [PDF 95KB]  

LLB English and Chinese Law (M103) [PDF 50KB]

LLB Law (M100) [PDF 93KB]

LLB Law (Senior Status) (M101) [PDF 826KB] 

LLB Law with a Year Abroad (M104) [PDF 50KB]

LLB Law in Practice (M130) [PDF 51KB]

LLB Law with History (M1V1) [PDF 783KB]


September 2015 Entry

LLB English and European Law (M120) [PDF 51KB]

LLB Law (M100) [PDF 48KB]

LLB Law with Year in Hong Kong (M102) [PDF 48KB]

LLB Law Senior Status (M101) [PDF 44KB]

BA Law and Politics (ML12) [PDF 52KB]



September 2016 Entry

MA Law by Research (M3Q1, M3Q2) [PDF 39KB]   

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