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September 2015 Entry

BA Film Studies (P303) [PDF 41KB]

BA Film Studies and Hispanic Studies (RW46) [PDF 556KB]

Pre-Sessional English 5 Week Programme (Y2E1) [PDF 36KB]

Pre-Sessional English 13 Week Programme (Y2E3) [PDF 36KB]

Pre-Sessional English 9 Week Programme (Y2E5) [PDF 37KB]

Pre-September 2014 Entry

Foundation Certificate in Social Sciences and Humanities (Y2GE) 
International Foundation Programme in Social Sciences and Humanities (Y2GE)

Pre-Masters Graduate Diploma in English for Academic Purposes and Economics and Finance (Y2QB)
Pre-Masters Graduate Diploma in Humanities and Social Sciences [September Start] (Y2QA) [PDF 1,159KB] 

BA Comparative Literature (Q200)   
BA Comparative Literature and Film Studies (QP23)   
BA Comparative Literature and Linguistics (QQ21) 

BA English and French (QR31)   
BA English and German (RQ23 [PDF 43KB])   - September 2013 entry
BA English and German (RQ23)   - September 2012 entry
BA English and Hispanic Studies (RQ43)   
BA English and Russian (QR37) 

BA English Language and Linguistics (QQH1)   
BA English Literature and Linguistics (QQ13) [PDF 41KB]

BA Film Studies (P303)   
BA Film Studies and French (RW16)   
BA Film Studies and German (RW26)   
BA Film Studies and Hispanic Studies (RW46)   
BA Film Studies and Russian (RW76)   

BA French (European Studies)   
BA French (R100)   
BA French (Three Years) (R102) [PDF 44KB]
BA French and Comparative Literature (RQ12)   
BA French and Drama (WR41)   
BA French and German (RR21) [PDF 44KB]   
BA French and German (European Studies) (TR99)   
BA French and Hispanic Studies (RR41)   
BA French and Hispanic Studies (European Studies) (TRY9)   
BA French and History (VR11) [PDF 45KB]   - September 2013 entry
BA French and History (VR11)   - September 2012 entry
BA French and Linguistics (RQ11)   
BA French and Mathematics (GR11)   
BA French and Politics (LR21)   
BA French and Russian (European Studies) (TRX9)   
BA French and Russian (RR17)   
BA French with Business Management  (R1N1)

BA German (R201) [PDF 44KB]   
BA German and Comparative Literature (QR22) [PDF 45KB]
BA German and Drama (WR42) 
BA German and Economics (LR12)   
BA German and Geography (LR72)   
BA German and Hispanic Studies (RR24) [PDF 50KB]
BA German and Linguistics (RQ21) [PDF 44KB] 
BA German and Mathematics (GR12)   
BA German and Politics (LR22)   
BA German and Russian (RR72) [PDF 48KB]   
BA German and Russian (European Studies) (RRKY) [PDF 51KB]
BA German with Business Management (R2N1) [PDF 45KB]

BA Hispanic Studies (R451)   
BA Hispanic Studies and Catalan Language (R490)   
BA Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature (QR24)   
BA Hispanic Studies and Drama (WR44)   
BA Hispanic Studies and Economics (LR14)   
BA Hispanic Studies and Linguistics (RQ41)   
BA Hispanic Studies and Mathematics (GR14)   
BA Hispanic Studies and Politics (LR24)   
BA Hispanic Studies and Portuguese (RR45)   
BA Hispanic Studies and Russian (RR47)   
BA Hispanic Studies with Business Management (R4N1) 

BA History and Comparative Literature (VQ12) [PDF 90KB]   
BA History and Film Studies (VW16) [PDF 91KB]   
BA History and German Language (VR12) 

BA Russian (R710)   
BA Russian and Comparative Literature (QR27)  
BA Russian and Drama (WR47)  
BA Russian and Economics (LR17)   
BA Russian and Geography (LR77)  
BA Russian and Linguistics (QR17)   
BA Russian and Politics (LR27)  
BA Russian and Mathematics (GR17)  
BA Russian with Business Management (R7N1) 


September 2015 Entry

MA Linguistics (Q1S1/Q1S2) [PDF 47KB]

Pre-September 2015 Entry

MA Anglo-German Cultural Relations (R2S1, R2S2)   
MA in Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching (Q4S1, Q4S2) [PDF 43KB] 
MA Comparative Literature (Q2S1, Q2S2) [PDF 214KB]
MA Documentary Practice (P3Q1, P3Q2)   
MA Film Studies (R4S5, R4S6)
MA Linguistics (Q1S1, Q1S2) [PDF 42KB]   

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