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Programme specifications - Centre for Commercial Law Studies


Pre-Sessional Legal Systems, Research Skills, and Writing for IT Law (M3LC) [PDF 262KB]

LLM International Shipping Law [Piraeus, Greece] (M2Q0) [PDF 680KB]

Singapore Management University - Queen Mary University of London LLM Commercial Law [Singapore/London] (M2S1) [PDF 843KB]

Sorbonne Law School - Queen Mary University of London Double LLM (M1QZ) [PDF 1,058KB]

Postgraduate Certificate/Postgraduate Diploma/LLM in Computer and Communications Law (M3CC, M3DL, M3S3 [PDF 41KB]) - Distance Learning Programme

Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property Law (M3EC, M3EZ) [PDF 43KB]

Postgraduate Certificate in International Finance Law (M3EN) [PDF 529KB]  - 3months

PS_M3EV_PgDip International Finance Law_Feb 2016 [PDF 595KB] - 9 months

Postgraduate Certificate in Trade Marks Law and Practice (M2C1) [PDF 727KB]  

Postgraduate Diploma/LLM in Law (M2D1, M2D2, M2Q1, M2Q2) [PDF 37KB]  

Postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Policy (M3D5, M3D4)
   - distance learning programme

Postgraduate Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration (M3DF) [PDF 42KB]  - distance learning programme

Postgraduate Diploma in International Dispute Resolution (Arbitration) (M2D3) [PDF 583KB]   

Postgraduate Diploma in International Dispute Resolution (Mediation) (M2D4) [PDF 569KB]

Postgraduate Diploma in International Finance Law (M3EV) [PDF 22KB] 

Postgraduate Diploma in International Mediation (M3D6) [PDF 42KB]   - distance learning programme

LLM Law and Economics (M2Q3, M2Q4) [PDF 1,282KB]LLM Law and Economics (M2Q3, M2Q4) [PDF 1,282KB] 

Postgraduate Certificate Law and Economics (M2SG) [PDF 712KB]

Postgraduate Diploma Law and Economics (M2SH) [PDF 1,245KB]

LLM Paris (M2Q5, M2Q6) [PDF 44KB] 

MSc Law and Finance (M3S7, M3S8) [PDF 832KB]

Postgraduate Certificate in Law and Finance (M3SE) [PDF 819KB]

Postgraduate Diploma in Law and Finance (M2SF) [PDF 822KB]

MSc Management of Intellectual Property Law (M3U4, M3U5) [PDF 832KB]

LLM in Immigration Law (M1QV, M2QV) [PDF 747KB]

LLM in Criminal Justice (M3QF, M4QF) [PDF 42KB]

LLM in International Economic Law (M3QA, M4QA) [PDF 659KB]

LLM in International Shipping Law (M1QM) [PDF 576KB]

LLM in Competition Law (M1QF) [PDF 89KB]

LLM in Tax Law (M1QU) [PDF 36KB]

LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law (M1QE) [PDF 99KB]

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