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Programme Specifications - Business and Management

September 2017 Entry



BSc Accounting and Management (4P20) [PDF 1,163KB]

BSc Business Management (NN12) [PDF 1,163KB]

BSc Marketing and Management (4G44) [PDF 1,163KB]



Master of Public Administration (M1PA) [PDF 1,160KB]

MSc Accounting and Finance (N1S4) [PDF 1,159KB]

MSc Business Analytics [PDF 1,159KB]

MSc Development and International Business [PDF 1,159KB]

MSc International Financial Management (N1Q6) [PDF 1,159KB])

MSc International Human Resource Management FT (N1P4) [PDF 1,159KB]

MSc International Human Resource Management PT (N1P5) [PDF 1,159KB]

MSc Marketing (N1Q2) [PDF 1,162KB]

MSc Management and Organisational Innovation (N1Q1) [PDF 1,160KB]

MRes Innovation and Enterprise (N2Q4) [PDF 1,161KB]

MRes International Business (N2Q5) [PDF 1,134KB]

MRes International Business and Politics (N2Q3) [PDF 1,134KB]

MRes International Financial Management (N2Q7) [PDF 1,160KB]

MRes International Human Resource Management (N2Q6) [PDF 1,160KB]

MRes Public Services (N2Q1) [PDF 1,160KB]

MRes Work and Organisation (N2Q8) [PDF 1,159KB]



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