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Programme specifications - English and Drama


September 2016 Entry

BA Drama (W400) [PDF 742KB]

BA Drama (W400) - September 2014 entry and previously [PDF 740KB]

BA English (Q300) [PDF 705KB]

BA English and Drama (QW34) [PDF 833KB]

BA English and Film Studies (QW36) [PDF 663KB]

BA English and History (QV31) [PDF 718KB]

BA English Literature and Linguistics (QQ13) [PDF 723KB]

BA Film Studies and Drama (WW46) [PDF 725KB]



September 2016 Entry

MA English Studies [PDF 865KB]

  • Contemporary Writing (Q3SC, Q3SD)
  • Early Modern Studies, 1300-1700 (Q3U3, Q3U4)
  • Eighteenth-Century Literature and Romanticism (Q3U1, Q3U2)
  • English Literature (Q3S9, Q3S0)
  • Victorian Literature (Q3SA, Q3SB)
  • Writing in the Modern Age (Q3S5, Q3S6)
  • Post Colonial and Global Literatures (Q3SG, Q3SH)

MA Global Shakespeare (with University of Warwick) (Q3V1, Q3V2) [PDF 41KB]

PS_Q3T1_MA Theatre and Performance FT [PDF 815KB] PDF document 

PS_Q3T2_MA Theatre and Performance PT [PDF 898KB]

MA Poetry (Q3SE/QRSF)

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