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Programme Specifications - Engineering and Materials Science

2017/18 entry


BEng Aerospace Engineering with Foundation (HHX1) [PDF 1,161KB]

MEng Mechanical Engineering with Foundation (HHY1) [PDF 1,161KB]

BEng Materials Science and Engineering with Foundation (JJX5) [PDF 1,160KB]

MEng Materials Science with Foundation (JJY5) [PDF 1,160KB]



BEng Aerospace Engineering (H421 / H401) [PDF 1,164KB]

BEng Biomedical Engineering (HBF2 / HBF1) [PDF 1,164KB]

BEng Chemical Engineering (H812 / H811) [PDF 1,164KB]

BEng Design, Innovation & Creative Engineering (4A33) [PDF 1,162KB]

BEng Dental Materials (J500 / JM00) [PDF 1,164KB]

BEng Materials and Design (J590 / J591) [PDF 1,162KB]

BEng Materials Science and Engineering (J511 / JM11) [PDF 1,163KB]

BEng Mechanical Engineering (H300 / H304) [PDF 1,163KB]

BEng Medical Engineering (HBC8 / HBD8) [PDF 1,164KB]

BEng Robotics Engineering (H67A / H673) [PDF 1,164KB]

BEng Sustainable Energy Engineering (H221 / HF21) [PDF 1,164KB]

BSc Biomaterials for Biomedical Sciences (J5B1 / J5B2) [PDF 1,164KB]

BSc Materials Science and Engineering (J551) [PDF 1,163KB]


Integrated Masters

MEng Aerospace Engineering (H400 / HK00) [PDF 1,165KB]

MEng Biomedical Engineering (HBF5 / HBF3) [PDF 1,165KB]

MEng Chemical Engineering (H814 / H813) [PDF 1,164KB]

MEng Design, Innovation & Creative Engineering (4L71) [PDF 1,162KB]

MEng Dental Materials (J504 / JN00) [PDF 1,165KB]

MEng Materials and Design (J592 / J593) [PDF 1,163KB]

MEng Materials Science and Engineering (J510 / JM10) [PDF 1,163KB]

MEng Mechanical Engineering (H301 / H302) [PDF 1,164KB]

MEng Medical Engineering (HB18 / HB1V) [PDF 1,165KB]

MEng Robotics Engineering (H67B / H67C) [PDF 1,165KB]

MEng Sustainable Energy Engineering (H224 / HG21) [PDF 1,165KB]

MSci Biomaterials for Biomedical Sciences (J5B3 / J5B4) [PDF 1,165KB]



MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering (H1S3) [PDF 1,159KB]

MSc Aerospace Engineering (H4S1) [PDF 538KB]

MSc Biomaterials (J5S5) [PDF 538KB]

MSc Biomedical Engineering (HBS3) [PDF 696KB]

MSc Biomedical Engineering (Conversion) (H3C2) [PDF 1,161KB]

MSc Biomedical Engineering with Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering (HBS5) [PDF 695KB]

MSc Biomedical Engineering with Imaging & Instrumentation (HBS6) [PDF 695KB]

MSc Computer Aided Engineering (H1S2) [PDF 555KB]

MSc Mechanical Engineering (Conversion) (H3C1) [PDF 1,160KB]

MSc Medical Electronics and Physics (F3Q7) [PDF 694KB]

MSc Polymer Science & Nanotechnology (J5U8) [PDF 554KB]

MSc Sustainable Energy Systems (H2S1) [PDF 538KB]

MSc Sustainable Energy Engineering (Conversion) (H2C1) [PDF 1,160KB]




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