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Programme specifications - Physics


September 2016 Entry

Science and Engineering Foundation Programme (SEFP) (FFX3, FFY3) [PDF 41KB]

International Science and Engineering Foundation Programme (FGHZ) [PDF 41KB]


September 2016 Entry

BSc Astrophysics (F526) [PDF 43KB]

BSc Physics (F300) [PDF 44KB]

BSc Physics with Particle Physics (F392) [PDF 45KB]

BSc Theoretical Physics (F340) [PDF 45KB]

Integrated Masters

September 2016 Entry

MSci Astrophysics (F523) [PDF 52KB]

MSci Physics (F303) [PDF 53KB]

MSci Physics with Particle Physics (F393) [PDF 53KB]

MSci Theoretical Physics (F323) [PDF 53KB]


September 2016 Entry

Postgraduate Certificate in Astronomy and Astrophysics (F5EG) [PDF 41KB]

MSc Astrophysics (F5S1, F5S2) [PDF 41KB]

MSc Physics [PDF 95KB]

°  Condensed Matter Physics (F3S4)

°  Particle Physics (F3S3)

°  Theoretical Physics (F3S2)

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