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Programme specifications - Dentistry


Certificate in Oral Health Education (A4EC)

Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy (A900)

BSc Oral Biology (B980) [PDF 41KB] 

BDS (A200) [PDF 472KB]   
BDS (Graduate Entry Programme) (A201) [PDF 57KB]

Graduate Certificate in Dental Technology (A4C5) [PDF 26KB] 



PgDip in Advanced Clinical Paediatric Dentistry (A4A3) [PDF 83KB]

PgDip in Advanced Clinical Periodontology (A4A1)? [PDF 84KB]

PgDip in Orthodontics (A4A2) [PDF 82KB]

MSc PT Endodontic Practice (A4D4) [PDF 41KB]

MClinDent FT Oral Medicine (A4Q4) [PDF 362KB]

MClinDent FT Oral Surgery (A4UJ) ? [PDF 4,420KB]

MSc Craniofacial Trauma Reconstruction [PDF 1,039KB]


MSc FT Dental Science for Clinical Practice (A4UC)

MSc FT Dental Public Health (A4U3) [PDF 93KB]  

MSc PT Dental Public Health (A4U4) [PDF 93KB]  

MSc FT Dental Technology (A4Q5) ? [PDF 93KB]

MSc FT Experimental Oral Pathology (Oral Sciences) (A4US) [PDF 94KB]

MSc Oral Biology (A4S3) ? [PDF 90KB]

Professional Doctorates*

DClinDent FT Orthodontics (A4TB)
DClinDent FT Paediatric Dentistry (A4TD)
DClinDent FT Periodontology (A4TA)
DClinDent FT Prosthodontics (A4TC)

(*See Research Degree webpages)

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