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Programme specifications - Medicine



MBBS (A100)   
MBBS (Graduate Entry Programme)  (A101) 

BMedSci (Intercalated) Molecular Medicine (B9MS)
BMedSci (Intercalated) Molecular Therapeutics (B9MT) 

BSc (Intercalated) Experimental Pathology  (B160)   
BSc (Intercalated) Global Public Health and Primary Care (B9MG) 
BSc (Intercalated) Infection and Immunity (B9MK)   
BSc (Intercalated) Medical Education (B9MD)   
BSc (Intercalated) Neuroscience with Basic Medical Sciences (B172)
BSc (Intercalated) Sports and Exercise Medicine (B190)   

BSc (Intercalated) in Experimental Pathology (UBZF) [PDF 43KB]

BSc (Intercalated) in Infectious Disease and Epidemiology (B9MV) [PDF 38KB]

BSc Global Health (4U47) [PDF 1,162KB]


Barts Cancer Institute 

Cancer and Therapeutics - MSc FT, PT & DL [PDF 45KB]

Cancer and Therapeutics - PG Dip FT, PT & DL [PDF 44KB]

Cancer and Clinical Oncology - MSc FT, PT & DL [PDF 45KB]

Cancer and Clinical Oncology - PG Dip FT, PT & DL [PDF 45KB]

Cancer and Molecular and Cellular Biology - MSc FT, PT & DL [PDF 46KB]

Cancer and Molecular and Cellular Biology - PG Dip FT, PT & DL [PDF 45KB]

Cancer and Molecular Pathology and Genomics - MSc FT, PT & DL [PDF 44KB]

Cancer and Molecular Pathology and Genomics - PG Dip FT, PT & DL [PDF 43KB]

Laparoscopic Surgery and Surgical Skills - MSc Ft [PDF 94KB]

Blizard Institute 

Aesthetic Medicine - MSc PT DL [PDF 96KB] / PG Dip PT DL [PDF 96KB] / PG Cert PT DL [PDF 95KB]

Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology) - MSc FT [PDF 95KB] / MSc PT [PDF 95KB]

Burn Care - MSC PT DL [PDF 94KB] / PG Cert PT DL [PDF 92KB]

Clinical Microbiology - MSc & PGD FT [PDF 94KB] / MSc PT [PDF 95KB]

Clinical Science (Infection Sciences)- MSc PT [PDF 95KB]

Clinical Research - MRes PT [PDF 56KB]

Emergency and Resucitation Medicine - MSc & PGD PT DL [PDF 102KB]

Gastroenterology - MSc FT DL [PDF 95KB] / MSc FT 15 mths [PDF 95KB] / MSc FT 24 mths [PDF 95KB] / MSc PT DL [PDF 97KB]

Gastroenterology (Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology) - MSc FT [PDF 95KB]

Gastroenterology - PG Dip FT [PDF 94KB] / PG Dip FT DL [PDF 95KB] / PG Dip PT DL [PDF 95KB]

Global Health Systems, Theory and Policy  - MSc & PG Dip [PDF 98KB] / MRes [PDF 96KB]

Global Health, Law and Governance - MSc & PGD [PDF 100KB] / MRes [PDF 97KB]

Global Public Health and Policy - MSc & PGDip [PDF 97KB] / MRes [PDF 96KB]

International Primary Health Care - MSc & PG Dip [PDF 98KB]

Migration, Culture and Global Health - MSc & PG Dip [PDF 98KB]


Orthopaedic Trauma Science - MSc [PDF 46KB]

Reconstructive Microsurgery - MSc PT DL [PDF 94KB]

Trauma Science - MSc PT [PDF 98KB]

Trauma Science (Military & Humanitarian - MSc PT [PDF 99KB]

Regenerative Medicine: Science and Application - MSc [PDF 47KB]

Institue of Health Sciences Education

Education for Clinical Contexts -MA [PDF 46KB]PG Cert [PDF 41KB]

Physician Associate Studies - MSc [PDF 105KB]

William Harvey Research Institute

Clinical Research - MRes / PG Dip / PG Cert [PDF 56KB]

Critical Care - MSc [PDF 59KB]

Clinical Drug Development - MSc / PG Dip [PDF 49KB]

Clinical Endocrinology - MSc / PG Dip [PDF 43KB]

Endocrinology and Diabetes - MSc / PG Dip [PDF 103KB]

Forensic Medical Sciences - MSc FT [PDF 94KB]

Genomic Medicine - MSc / PG Dip / PG Cert [PDF 64KB]

Health Care Research Methods - MSc / PG Dip [PDF 59KB]

Podiatric Sports Medicine - PG Cert PT [PDF 97KB] 

Sports and Exercise Medicine - Medic - MSc & PG Dip [PDF 99KB]

Sports and Exercise Medicine - Physio/Osteo - MSc & PG Dip [PDF 99KB]

Sports and Exercise Medicine - Podiatrist - MSc & PG Dip [PDF 99KB] 


Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine

Advanced Skills in Mental Health - PG Cert FT

Creative Arts and Mental Health - MSc FT / MSc PT / PG Dip FT / PG Dip PT [PDF 1,161KB]

Mental Health and Law – MSc / PG Dip DL [PDF 97KB]

Mental Health: Cultural and Global Perspectives in Mental Health Care - MSC / PG Dip DL [PDF 47KB]

Mental Health: Psychological Therapies - MSc / PG Dip DL


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