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Student feedback

As part of Queen Mary's quality assurance and enhancement processes, feedback is sought from students by a variety of means. Internal mechanisms include:

Nationally Queen Mary University of London participates in surveys including the National Student Survey, the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, and the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey. The results and analyses are available for staff to view on the Student Surveys QMplus page. Results from the NSS form part of the publicly available dataset on the Unistats website.

Student-Staff Liaison Committees (SSLCs)

The purpose of student-staff liaison committees is to ensure that there is an effective channel for formal communication between students and staff in each school or institute, through which students can reflect and give feedback on their programme of study as an integral part of QMUL's systems and procedures for assuring academic standards and enhancing the student learning experience.  The minutes of individual school and institute meetings are uploaded to the ARCS website:

SSLC Minutes 2018-19

SSLC Minutes 2017-18

SSLC Minutes 2016/17

SSLC Minutes 2015/16

SSLC Minutes 2014/15

SSLC Minutes 2013/14

SSLC Minutes 2012/13

SSLC Minutes 2011/12

Guidance and Templates

A number of schools have resources for their SSLCs on their intranet and QMplus pages.

SSLC minutes are submitted to the Academic Secretariat and Students' Union so that their overall functioning can be monitored, examples of good practice identified and areas of concern identified. An Annual Summary Report of SSLC Minutes is produced by the Academic Secretariat for consideration by the Senate.

QMSU also runs forums for staff involved in SSLCs to exchange ideas and examples of good practice as well as discuss issues that may arise over the year. QMSU is contacting Chairs and Secretaries to set dates for 2017/18. 

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