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Forms and Guidance Notes

These forms should be read in conjunction with the Academic Regulations for Research Degrees and the Code of Practice.


Studentship Appointment Form – use this form to appoint a studentship

Studentship Change of Details Form – use this form to record any change of circumstances, such as change of bank details 

Change of status 

Transfer from MPhil to PhD PDF document   - this form must be completed following the assessment for transfer from MPhil to PhD (For students registered before 1st September 2010(Word Document)

Interruption of study PDF document   - use this form if you wish to interrupt your studies (Word Document) Microsoft Word document 

Transfer to writing-up status

Extension of thesis submission date PDF document – use this form if you wish to extend your thesis submission date (Word Document Microsoft Word document )

Withdrawal from College PDF document   - use this form if you want to withdraw from the College Microsoft Word document

Guidance Notes on Examinations 

Examiner nomination criteria: advice for supervisors Microsoft Word document 

MPhil/PhD Examination Entry Form (RD01)

MD(Res) Examination Entry Form (RD01MD) 

Examination Re-Entry Form (RD04) - for use when re-entering for the examination after a referral

Additional/Alternative Examiner Details Form- for use when nominating replacement or additional examiners

Thesis Submission Form (RD02)  

Request to restrict access to library copies of thesis Microsoft Word document 

Notes on the Presentation and Binding of Theses 
University of London list of binders PDF document 

Examiner Expenses Claim Form Microsoft Word document 

Examiner Personal Details Form Microsoft Word document 

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