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Forms and Guidance Notes

These forms should be read in conjunction with the Academic Regulations [PDF 710KB] and the Code of Practice for Research Degrees [PDF 175KB].


Studentship Appointment Form [DOC 91KB] – use this form to appoint a studentship

Studentship Change of Details Form [DOC 70KB] – use this form to record any change of circumstances, such as change of bank details 

Change of status 

Transfer from MPhil to PhD [PDF 35KB]  - this form must be completed following the assessment for transfer from MPhil to PhD (For students registered before 1st September 2010

Interruption of study  - use this form if you wish to interrupt your studies (Word Document)  

Transfer to writing-up status

Extension of thesis submission date   – use this form if you wish to extend your thesis submission date (Word Document  )

Withdrawal from College   - use this form if you want to withdraw from the College 


Guidance Notes on Examinations? [DOC 67KB]

Examiner nomination criteria: advice for supervisors

Examiner nomination for MD(Res) and PhD/MPhil is accessed via MySIS

Examination re-entry form [DOC 47KB] - for use when re-entering for the examination after a referral

Additional/alternative examiner nomination form [DOC 156KB]- for use when nominating replacement or additional examiners

Thesis submission form [DOC 41KB]  

Request Thesis Embargo [DOC 44KB]

Presentation and binding of the thesis [DOC 63KB]

University of London list of binders   

Examiner Expenses Claim Form  

Examiner Personal Details Form  

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