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The Research Degrees Office is in Room 2.13, Second Floor, Graduate Centre, Mile End Campus. 


Request a letter

ID card replacement


Request a letter

If you require a letter confirming your student status as a research student please email the Research Degrees Office with your request. ALWAYS include your student number and your full name. 
Please state the purpose of the letter and try to give as much information as possible, including who it should be addressed to and how many copies are needed:

  • Visa request letters (for travel abroad) - please state the country
  • Opening a bank account - please state the bank, e.g. Barclays, Lloyds, Santander, TSB etc;
  • Confirmation of stipend/studentship status
  • Council tax exemption notification (please see further information below)

If you live in London we will be unable to post the requested letters. If you are unable to come onto the Mile End campus we are happy to scan the letter and email it to you or send it to your department using the internal mail system.

Please allow up to 3 working days for your request to be processed.


Council Tax

Before requesting a council tax exemption letter please ensure that your TERM-TIME address on MySIS is correct. It is the term-time address for which you are exempted from paying tax. 

Please Note: Queen Mary University of London no longer provides council tax exemption letters for students living tin the following boroughs. For these boroughs you must complete the council's student disregard for (web links below):

We provide information directly to these councils on a monthly-basis (the first Monday of each month).


ID Card Replacement

If your card is lost please visit the Cashier’s Office (room W117, Queens’ Building, Mile End Campus) to pay the £15 replacement fee and bring the receipt with you to the Research Degrees Office.
If your card is stolen please provide your Crime Reference Number issued by the police when you reported the crime. If you do not have a Crime Reference Number you will have to pay £15 at the Cashier’s Office.



18+ Student Oyster Photocards (TfL)

If you are a full-time research student, you can apply for an 18+ Student Oyster photocard via the Transport for London website. Go to the 18+ Student Oyster page, check that you meet the application criteria and apply online. When you are prompted to select your institution from the dropdown menu, please ensure that you select Queen Mary University of London - Research Students.
If you select "Non Research Students", your application may be rejected. 

16-25 Railcards (British Rail)

If you are over 26 and a full-time student, you may apply for a 16-25 Railcard. 
You can learn more about the benefits on the Railcard website.

You will need to complete the Mature Student Application Form which the Research Degrees Office will authorise for you. If you are applying for a Young Person's Railcard at a British Rail station you will need a passport-sized photo which will also need to be authorised by the RDO. 

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