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Late summer resits/first sits

The Exams Team will notify you when the Re-assessment Opt In / Out task is available on MySIS.  The Academic Regulations dictate that a student must re-sit assessments at the next available opportunity and will not be given the option to attempt this module again if they fail to do so.


You will be able to register for your late summer re-sit assessments through your MySIS portal. Details about how and when to register for your assessments will be emailed to you.  

On accessing the task you will be presented with a list of resit / first sit modules. If you intend to resit your failed module(s) then you are able register to do so, but if you do not enter a decision by the deadline then your choices will automatically default to 'opt in'. This will mean that you will be entered for the relevant assessment and a second attempt will be recorded on your final transcript regardless of whether or not you attempt the assessment.

For those of you who need to pass your late summer resit exams in order to progress, please be aware that if you fail to progress and you have no more attempts your registration with the Queen Mary may be terminated as a result.

More information concerning re-sits/first sits including the number of attempts you are permitted to take for a module can be found in the Academic Regulations.

Receiving your late summer resit results

Your Department normally enters your marks at the end of August and you should expect to receive your results early September. You will receive an email from your department to let you know when your results are ready to view and you will also be able to view them in your MySIS record by clicking on the link in your in tray or by viewing them on your 'My Details' page. 

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