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Queen Mary University of London Expeditions Fund 2016/17

The Expeditions Fund for summer 2017/18 will open for applications at the start of Semester 2 on the 8 January 2018

The QMUL Expeditions Fund 2016/17 offers financial assistance to undergraduate and postgraduate students for expeditions they may wish to undertake during the summer 2017 vacation. Travel must be on or between the dates 9 June – 18 September 2017 inclusive.  An expedition can be any kind of purposeful travel or outdoor pursuit, as an individual or in a group, in the UK or abroad. It can be connected to your academic and personal interests but should not be a compulsory part of your course such as a Medical or Dental Elective. Last year awards helped students to travel to Austria, China, France, Finland, India and Italy; to volunteer in Cambodia, Colombia, Morocco and Senegal; to go on medical exchanges in Brazil, Malta, Palestine and Sri Lanka; to attend conferences in Cambridge; summer schools in Berlin, Kentucky, Leeds, Moscow, San Francisco, Shanghai and to carry out research in Essex, Helgeland, Lamu, Punjab, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore and Yorkshire.

The Fund is made up of two small endowments left to the university by previous scholars specifically for travel during the long summer vacation, QMUL funds and a generous donation from the Queen Mary Annual Fund.  The Annual Fund is provided by the Alumni Network which provides important financial support to students and enables them to experience additional opportunities for academic and personal development

Application forms and Guidance Notes can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page.

The closing date for receiving completed applications is Friday 28 April 2017

Expedition Reports 2015-16

Austria [PDF 666KB] Brazil [PDF 6,652KB] Brazil 2 [PDF 1,281KB]
China [PDF 498KB] China 2 [PDF 1,406KB] China 3 [PDF 162KB]
Colombia [PDF 2,698KB] Finland [PDF 28KB] France [PDF 178KB]
Germany [PDF 626KB] Germany 2 [PDF 548KB] India [PDF 2,081KB]
Italy [PDF 694KB] Kenya [PDF 223KB] Kenya 2 [PDF 216KB]
Malaysia [PDF 539KB] Malta [PDF 716KB] Morocco [PDF 462KB]
Norway [PDF 685KB] Pakistan [PDF 251KB] Palestine [PDF 637KB]
Russia [PDF 252KB] Senegal [PDF 1,379KB] Sri Lanka [PDF 516KB]
UK [PDF 478KB] UK 2 [PDF 2,551KB] UK 3 [PDF 649KB]
UK 4 [PDF 197KB] USA [PDF 437KB] USA 2 [PDF 745KB]
USA 3 [PDF 212KB]    

Expedition Reports 2014-15

 Albania [PDF 219KB]  Brazil [PDF 377KB]  Ghana [PDF 108KB]
 Hamburg [PDF 303KB]  India [PDF 603KB]  India 2 [PDF 319KB]
 London to Northumberland [PDF 106KB]  Palestine [PDF 1,152KB]  Philippines [PDF 1,529KB]
 Philippines 2 [PDF 15,504KB]  Russia [PDF 427KB]  Scotland [PDF 328KB]
 Sri Lanka [PDF 616KB]  Thailand [PDF 391KB]  USA [PDF 443KB]
 USA 2 [PDF 45KB]  USA 3 [PDF 269KB]  

Expedition Reports 2013-14


Expedition Reports 2012-13


Expedition Reports 2011-12

 Vienna  USA [PDF 758KB]  
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