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International Rent Guarantor Scheme

Purpose of the scheme
To provide a UK-based guarantor for up to 15 second year undergraduate international students and PhD international students who are fully enrolled in their second developmental year for the 2017-18 academic year

Who can apply? In order to be considered for the scheme you must…

  • be either a 2nd year undergraduate student or a PhD student who is not in the Writing Up stage
  • have an Overseas fee status
  • be fully enrolled in 2017-18
    enrolled status does not apply to students resitting out of attendance or those who have interrupted their studies
  • not be a tuition fee or residential fee debtor to the College
  • have been requested to provide a UK-based guarantor by a landlord
  • not have signed a tenancy agreement.

What will Queen Mary do? We will…

  • treat all enquiries with complete confidence
  • communicate the outcome of a completed application within 2 working days from submission
  • guarantee rent payment only in line with the information provided on this form.

How do I apply?
If you meet the eligibility criteria and would like to be considered please complete an application form, the landlord information form and submit this along with the requested documentation full details can be found on the application form.

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