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Queen Mary University of London Wellbeing Fund 2018/19

The Queen Mary University of London Wellbeing Fund is for undergraduate students starting on their first year with QMUL in 2018/19, who are liable for fees and have been assessed by Student Finance England (SFE) or their relevant Student Finance Authority (Student Finance Northern Ireland, Student Finance Wales or Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)) as being eligible for means tested support towards their maintenance costs. Awards are made on the basis of a student’s household income.

Students must be fully enrolled at the time of application and at the time of payment.

Who is entitled to the fund*?

Only students who fulfil the following criteria are eligible for this fund:

  • Must be studying on an Undergraduate course
  • Started with QMUL on the first year of your course in 2018/19
  • Eligible for maintenance loans
  • Assessed household income between £20,000 and £42,600

You must have applied to your regional student funding authority for income assessed UK government financial support for higher education students. The regional student funding authorities are:

Student Finance England
Student Finance Wales
Student Finance Northern Ireland
Student Awards Agency for Scotland

When you do so, you will be asked to give your consent to your information being shared with the university you will join. If your sponsors/parents are submitting financial details about themselves as part of your application, they will also be asked to give their consent. It is important that this consent is given so that we can view these details to decide whether your assessed household income means you qualify for a QMUL bursary.

If you are applying for student support for the first time you also need to ensure that your regional student funding authority has verified your information, finalised your financial assessment and confirmed this to you and the Student Loans Company before we can assess you for a bursary. If your student finance assessment is still provisional please contact Student Finance England to enquire why.

What can I do with the fund?

This fund is designed to make a contribution towards the costs associated with participating in societies, sports or undertaking volunteering opportunities. You may only apply once in each academic year.

QMUL and QMSU offer many different opportunities to get involved


Club Sport


How much can I receive?

Awards are made on the basis of a student’s household income.

Assessed* household income

Wellbeing fund award

£20,000 - £25,000


£25,000+ - £35,000


£35,000+ - £42,600


How do I submit the application?

You can complete the form, scan it and email to

Or bring it in person to:

Student Enquiry Centre

Ground Floor; Queens’ Building

Mile End Campus

Closing date for applications is 12th July 2019

Wellbeing Fund Policy [PDF 395KB]

*Further information

In response to our own research about the impact of bursaries, national evidence and guidance from the Office for Fair Access, we made changes to the Queen Mary Bursary for students joining us from 2018/19.

The changes mean that students who come from families with an annual household income of £20,000 or below now receive an increased bursary. Students who come from families with an annual household income of above £20,000 receive a reduced bursary, and we have reduced the upper boundary or threshold for those who can receive a bursary, from an annual household income of £42,600 to £35,000.  Full details and more information on the changes is available here (Queen Mary login needed).

The Queen Mary Wellbeing Fund has been designed, in consultation with the Students’ Union, to support any students who are adversely affected by the changes.

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