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Interruption, Withdrawal and Change of Programme – how my immigration permission is affected

Change of Programme – Important Immigration Update

On 6 April 2016, the UKVI published a number of changes to the guidance for academic progression which means that there will be more situations where a Tier 4 (General) student will be required to apply for a visa from overseas. In particular this is likely to affect students making a change to a programme of study which requires additional time to complete the award or is at a different level to that for which the initial visa was granted. Students restarting a programme of study are likely to face tougher restrictions. This resulted in restrictions on when students are able to make a change of programme and whether they are able to apply for additional immigration permission from within the UK or must apply from overseas.

For further details please see the Advice and Counselling Service’s website:

If you are thinking of making a change to programme over the summer period please contact the Points Based Immigration team for further details:


Interrupting, Withdrawing from, or Changing your Programme


If you are thinking about whether to interrupt or withdraw from your programme of study or transfer to another programme please read through Advice and Counselling's guide and check the appropriate page for details of what to do:




Change Programme


You can also visit Advice and Counselling website for more information.

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