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Tier 4 student responsibilities

If you are in the UK with Tier 4 Student Immigration permission it is very important that you are aware of the rules that you need to follow and the responsibilities that Queen Mary has as a Tier 4 Sponsor.  

Tier 4 of the Points-Based System requires students and education providers to comply with certain responsibilities. These responsibilities apply wherever you study as a Tier 4 student. Please take care to read these pages carefully so you are aware of what you and the College are required to do.

As a Tier 4 student, the Home Office expects you to meet a number of conditions which are listed below.

Contact information

Ensure the university holds up to date contact details for you by updating the student portal with any changes of personal details:

  • Address in the UK
  • Contact phone number
  • Email address.

Your visa and passport

  • Provide Queen Mary with a copy of your passport and visa/biometric residence permit during enrolment and at any other point upon request
  • Inform Registry every time you obtain a new Tier 4 (General) Student visa by bringing your Biometric Residence Permit and your passport into the Student Enquiry Centre to be scanned
  • Inform Registry if you change immigration status and no longer have Tier 4 immigration permission.  You can do this by bringing your new visa into the or emailing
  • Leave the UK if you stop studying (for example if you interrupt your studies or have retake exams and will not be attending during the year).  You should always seek advice from Advice and Counselling if your registration status is about to change
  • If you have a Biometric Residence Permit card, you must keep this up to date. Please read the full list of responsibilities of holding a BRP card
  • Register with the police if it states on your visa that you are required to do so.  You must also make sure that your police certificate is kept up-to-date with your current address and immigration permission.You can find more information on the Advice and Counselling website.


Remain registered as a full-time student and attend the necessary lectures/classes/seminars as outlined in the programme handbook.  If you are not able to attend then you should inform your department as you must not have any unauthorised absences.


  • Respond promptly to any emails you receive from Registry about your Tier 4 visa.

Conditions of your visa

  • You must not claim 'public funds'. Visit the UKBA Home Office website for a full list
  • Do not breach the conditions of your visa.  This includes ensuring that you do not work more hours than you should.  For further information about working in the UK whilst on a Tier 4 student visa, please visit the Advice and Counselling website.  

Visa refusal

Inform Registry if your application to the Home Office is refused. Visit the with a copy of your visa refusal letter or email us at .We advise you to contact Advice and Counselling if this happens.


When requesting a CAS from Queen Mary University of London you must provide accurate information to allow us to assess your eligibility to study in the UK. This includes information about previous study in the UK as degree level students cannot study with student immigration permission for over 5 years in the UK. This may include periods of interruption.  

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