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Visa refusal from within UK - What do I do if my Tier 4 application is refused?

Please tell us! Please contact Registry via email to inform us if your application has been refused, explaining why the visa was refused and attaching a copy of the refusal notice where possible.
If your visa has been refused from an application made in the UK, you will be sent a decision letter with your application. You should carefully read the notice of decision because it will explain why your visa has been refused and whether you have the right of appeal.

Once you know that you have received a visa refusal please seek advice immediately as there are strict deadlines for submitting an appeal or a new application.

IMPORTANT: If your application has been refused and the Home Office have retained your documents and issued a removal direction please inform the Points Based immigration Team, Academic Registry and seek further advice from Advice and Counselling.

Apply again

If you made a mistake with your application and/or you decide not to submit an administrative review, you may want to apply again. If you need more advice before you make any decision please refer to Advice and Counselling.You need to read the refusal notice carefully and ensure you have the necessary documents to meet the regulations.
For details of how to request a new CAS, please see the section CAS request.

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