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Student Status Letter FAQ's

Am I eligible?

We use Gradintelligence, or Gradintel for short, to provide documents to our students in a secure way that means they will be able to self-serve and access their documents at any time and from anywhere.

  • Continuing undergraduate and postgraduate taught students: As of August 2019, the Student Status Letter is available for all fully enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate students (excluding MBBS Malta and those on short courses, such as clinical medical electives and the Summer School programme). For students on the following programmes, you have been registered for a Gradintel account but the access to your Student Status Letter is dependent on completion of the re-enrolment task: BUPT, Nanchang, Northwestern Polytechnical and BDS.
  • Continuing Postgraduate Research Students: As of 16 September 2019, continuing PGR students will be registered for a Gradintelligence account and will have access to the Student Status Letter on completion of the Gradintel account activation task.
  • New students enrolling from September 2019: You will be registered with Gradintelligence and have access to the Student Status Letter upon full enrolment, therefore your access depends upon when you enrol.

How can I access the letter?

If you are eligible, QMUL will register you for an account with Gradintelligence upon your full enrolment. Please do not register yourself for an account as we cannot upload documentation to an account that you have created and it may mean that we are blocked from creating an account for you.

Once we have registered you for an account, you will receive an email to your QM email address from Follow the steps in order to access your Gradintelligence dashboard - a step-by-step guide can be found here: Accessing your Student Status Letter [PDF 354KB]

I completed a programme at QMUL and am about to enrol on a new one - will I be registered for a new Gradintelligence account?

If we have already registered you for a Gradintel account for a previous programme then we will not register you for a new account. Instead, we will provide the Student Status Letter to you in your original account and you can access it using your normal Gradintel login details. If you did not activate your account originally, you should recieve a email once you have fully enrolled on your new programme with a new activation link.

If you are experiencing issues accessing your account or are not sure if you already have an account, please contact us:

What format is the Student Status Letter available in?

The Student Status Letter is an electronic document that can be shared securely via Gradintelligence or downloaded as a PDF document.

What is in my letter?

The letter displays the following information:

  • Name of Student
  • Student ID Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Intended Award
  • Programme of Study
  • Date of Entry to Programme
  • Mode of Study
  • Expected Date of Completion
  • Term-time Address
  • Home Address

Please ensure that your term-time and home addresses are correct in MySIS. You can find out how to change your details on our website.

What can my Student Status Letter be used for?

The letter is a confirmation of your enrolment at QMUL and can be used for bank and council tax exemption purposes. It is an official document that has been verified by the university.

I am a new student and have not fully enrolled – can I have a letter?

No – the Student Status Letter is only available to students once they have completed full enrolment.

If you have been temporarily enrolled due to fees and require a letter, please speak to a member of staff regarding your circumstances:

How do I create/change my Gradintel username?

On activating your Gradintel account you will be asked to change your username. Please note that any usernames with special characters (e.g. Chinese or Turkish characters) will cause an error when uploading your electronic status letter and HEAR (if eligible), as the UTF-8 encoding system used cannot recognise them. Therefore, we recommend that you create a username that can be typed using a standard British keyboard.

If you do create a username that uses a special character or includes a space, we request that you contact Gradintel and ask them to change your username on your behalf as neither you nor QMUL have the ability to do this.

Gradintel customer services:

Please remember to include your full name, student ID number and inform them that you are a student at QMUL.

I can’t remember my username/password – what should I do?

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, you can reset them by visiting, clicking ‘Lost Account Details’ and following the steps.

If you are finding it difficult to reset your details, please contact Gradintel customer services who will be able to advice:

Please remember to include your full name, student ID number and inform them that you are a student at QMUL.

I didn't activate my Gradintel account and now my link has expired.

The activation links to Gradintel expire after 30 days. If your link has expired, you will need to request that it is resent to you.

Who do I contact if the details on my letter are incorrect?

How can I share my letter with third parties?

To share a token and allow a third party to view your Student Status Letter, simply log into your Gradintel account, select the ‘share’ option and follow the steps.

You can choose how many times your letter can be viewed and how long your link will stay live.

You can also save your letter as a PDF document and send it as an email attachment.

How often if my letter updated?

Your letter is updated to reflect any changes to your programme, address or enrolment status.

What is Gradintelligence?

Gradintelligence is a service Queen Mary is using to provide students with the Student Status Letter that can be self-served, meaning you can access it from anywhere in the world at any time. More information is available from

Why is it necessary to have an account with Gradintelligence?

You need to have an account with Gradintelligence so that you have a secure way of accessing your Student Status Letter during your studies at Queen Mary.

QMUL will register an account for you with Gradintel and upload your document/s. You must then activate your account in order to access and share your letter. If you are on a programme that is eligible for the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report, your academic transcript), we upload your HEAR to your Gradintelligence account too.

How much does it cost?

Gradintelligence’s services, including access to the Student Status Letter, are free for students.

Why is my letter not on Gradintelligence?

If you have been registered by QMUL for a Gradintelligence account but do not have a Student Status Letter under ‘University Services’ in your Gradintelligence dashboard then please contact us to let us know.

Can I get a Student Status Letter printed for me?

You are able to self-serve and print the letter yourself and therefore printing one on your behalf is not a service we are able to offer.


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