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Job and further study matching

Receive an email and text from matched employers or universities who want you to apply for their job or postgraduate study opportunity.

Connecting you to the relevant opportunities

Are you tired of the laborious application-writing process? 

Gradintelligence's matching approach means that rather than looking for employers and hoping they will notice you, employers target you based on your suitability for the role and fit with their organisation. 

Their matching algorithms are intelligent - you will only be contacted if you meet the requirements of the opportunity - ensuring that the time invested in applying for the role will be time well spent.

Online assessments

Gradintelligence provide all registered students and graduate users with free access to a suite of sophisticated online assessments. Over 70% of large recruiters use similar test instruments during the recruitment process. These ability tests are great practice for assessment centres and the personality questionnaire will provide you with personalised feedback to help you prepare for interviews. Our employers often target students and graduates based on ability and personality fit, so your assessment results are also a great way to increase your chances of getting matched with opportunities.

Job and Further study matching

Your preferences control how you can 'be discovered' for well matched employment or further study opportunities promoted by interested employers and higher education institutions.

For each opportunity type, you can describe if and when you are interested in getting "tagged" via - email, SMS or a combination of both.

Gradintelligence have assumed some default preference based on information the Queen Mary University supplied to them.

You can independently set up your personal preferences for employment opportunities, further study and events of specific interest by using criteria such as your availability, preferred locations and number of other additional preferences.

You should regularly revisit and adjust your personal preferences to accurately reflect your situation.

You can get matched to further study and jobs. Just set up your preferred options in your account and wait for alerts.

Additional personal information 

You can complete your own personal information in your Gradintelligence profile. The more information you add will help you get matched to potential employment opportunities and further study.  Take the time to build your personal profile, and think of it as an extended version of your CV. You can enter academic credentials, skills, abilities and previous experience that will set you apart from other candidates. Your personal information will only be shared if you choose to send it.

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