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Changing your Programme

Have you decided that you would like to change your programme?

You will need to talk to your Academic Advisor to discuss the possibility of changing programmes. Changing your programme can be straight forward if the two programmes are closely related, but if the change is more fundamental you may need to start the new programme from the beginning and this will mean extending your period of study and paying additional fees.

It is possible when changing programme, with the approval of your school or institute, to study a reduced number of modules on part-time basis. This can be useful if you require just a few additional credits to meet the requirements of your new programme. Normally, however you must be registered for modules of a minimum of 45 credits.

If you are an international student and you have any doubt about the UK immigration rules for full time/part time study, you are advised to discuss the matter with Advice and Counselling before completing a form.

Once your change of programme form has been authorised and processed by the Records team you will be sent a letter confirming the change, your funding body, Home Office and Transport for London will also be advised of the change accordingly.

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