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Resitting Out of Attendance

If you have not passed enough modules to progress into the next academic year of your course, you will normally be required to re-sit failed modules at the next available opportunity, which is usually in the late summer examination period in August. If you pass these re-sits, you will be able to progress into the next academic year in September.

What if I am not able to do the August re-sits?

If you feel that the reason you failed some modules was due to health or personal issues, and that these will not be resolved before the August re-sits, you could apply under the Extenuating Circumstances policy for permission to be absent from the August exams, and to defer your re-sits until May of the next academic year. You will need to speak to your department for more information on submitting an extenuating circumstances claim.

This means you would be ‘out of attendance’ for a year. You are not normally required to participate in your studies while you are re-sitting out of attendance.


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