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Viewing your timetable

In most Schools/Institutes, personal timetables are available to view via QMPlus and the QMUL Mobile App.  Alternatively, timetable information can be accessed via the Central Web Timetables website

Timetables are published by the beginning of semester one.  

All timetable-related queries should be addressed to your programme administration in the first instance.  Please see the Faculties, Schools and Departments web page for contact details.

Welcome Week induction timetables for new students can be found on the student induction website.  

Teaching locations

Teaching takes place in the following sites:

Mile End Campus
Whitechapel Campus
Charterhouse Square
Lincoln's Inn Fields
West Smithfield Square

The abbreviations on student timetables are not immediately obvious in all cases; apologies for any confusion this may have caused. Please see below for a key to the building abbreviations used on timetables in QMPlus.

BR Bancroft Road
Eng Engineering Building
Bancroft The Bancroft Building
(Used to be called Francis Bancroft)
Fogg G.E. Fogg Building
G.O Jones G.O. Jones Building
Geog Geography Building
PP People’s Palace
LK Lock Keepers Cottage
Scape  Scape Building on Mile End road opposite the Arts Two Building

The teaching day

Teaching, learning and assessment sessions will normally be timetabled between 9am - 6pm, although there are some activities that are delivered outside these times.  The Academic Regulations requires students to be available during these times.

Term dates

Information on current and future term dates can be found on the QMUL calendar web page


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