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Withdrawing from your Studies

Withdrawal from the College means that you are leaving the College with no intention of returning, the implications of this are:

  • It is extremely difficult to return to College once you have withdrawn as your record will have been terminated and your funding body, the Home Office and Transport for London will be advised accordingly
  • Your entitlement to financial support from your funding body may be affected in the long term - you are strongly advised to seek advice from your tutor and read the relevant Advice and Counselling Service advice guide before making your decision.


Until you have formally withdrawn from your studies you will officially remain a student of Queen Mary and you will be responsible for payment of part of or the full year's tuition fee and where appropriate, residence fees. As funding regulations change frequently it is important that you understand how your decision might affect your entitlements in the future. If you have any concerns regarding this, the Advice and Counselling Service have some useful guides to help you and their Welfare Advisors can provide you with up to date advice on your eligibility for student finance in the future.

The deadline for submission of the withdrawal form

Please be aware that for most programmes there are two deadlines for submission of the withdrawal form.  These are the day before the assessment period in January and the day before the assessment period in May.  

Withdrawal Form 2019 [DOC 376KB]

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